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Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for ASUS M5000NP
Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for ASUS M5000NP
VAT included!
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Product Information
Product ID: ANB015C1E
Compatible Part Numbers:

Voltage: 100V-240V (Input), 19V (Output)
Operation Temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Relative Humidity: 5% ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
Product Type: Replacement Product (Brand New)
Remarks: The below cross reference list is for reference only. To avoid any mis-matching cause, please make sure your original adapter tip's size is similar as the connector tip we list out.
Weight: 334.05 g
Inventory: Available

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model, part number and dimension (mentioned above) of your device.
Product Description:   
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 Teilnummern/Modellnummern einfach zu suchen.

    Asus M5000NP

    Compaq Presario 1700 Series
        Presario 1700, Presario 1700AI, Presario 1700AP,
        Presario 1700AU, Presario 1700EA, Presario 1700JP,
        Presario 1700KR, Presario 1700LA, Presario 1700T,
        Presario 1700TC, Presario 1700US, Presario 1700XL573,
        Presario 1701AI, Presario 1701AK, Presario 1701AP,
        Presario 1701CL, Presario 1701EA, Presario 1701LB,
        Presario 1701S, Presario 1701TC, Presario 1702AP,
        Presario 1702KR, Presario 1702LB, Presario 1702TC,
        Presario 1710, Presario 1710LA, Presario 1710SB,
        Presario 1710T, Presario 1711AP, Presario 1711CL,
        Presario 1712AP, Presario 1712US, Presario 1713AP,
        Presario 1714AP, Presario 1714EA, Presario 1715AP,
        Presario 1717RSH, Presario 1720US, Presario 1721AP,
        Presario 1721LA, Presario 1721TC, Presario 1722AP,
        Presario 1722CA, Presario 1722EA, Presario 1722TC,
        Presario 1722US, Presario 1723SC, Presario 1723TC,
        Presario 1724SC, Presario 1724TC, Presario 1725A,
        Presario 1725AP, Presario 1725EA, Presario 1725SC,
        Presario 1725TC

** The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners.
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