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Battery Charger for EXAKTA CR17345, CR123R, CR17335SE, EL123, EL123A, EL123AP, ER2/3A, T32/51, V123
Battery Charger for EXAKTA CR17345, CR123R, CR17335SE, EL123, EL123A, EL123AP, ER2/3A, T32/51, V123
VAT included!
See delivery charge

Product Information
Product ID: CSP005SE
Compatible Part Numbers:
CR123R, CR17335SE, CR17345, EL123, EL123A, EL123AP, ER2/3A, T32/51, V123

Voltage: 230V (Input), 12V (Output)
Dimension: 106.50 x 69.00 x 37.00 mm
Remarks: This is a special charger produced in our company. It is prohibited to charge the one-off Lithium battery that bought in the market or supermarket, (such as 2CR5, CR-V3, CR-P2, CR2, CR123A, etc). Or it will crack and catch fire.
Weight: 238.00 g
Inventory: Not Available
Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model, part number and dimension (mentioned above) of your device.
Als deutsche Niederlassung eines großen Akkuherstellers verkaufen wir Ihnen absolute Neuware direkt aus unserem Werk in China.
Merkmale unserer Ladegerät:
- geeignet für Ni-Cd / Ni-MH / Li-Ion Werkzeug Akkus
- kompaktes Design
- austauschbare Ladeschale
- Dual USB Ausgang
- LED-Ladeanzeige
Product Description:   
Nutzen Sie bitte die Tastenkombination [Strg+F], um auf der Seite die passenden
 Teilnummern/Modellnummern einfach zu suchen.
  • Package includes High Performance Turbo Charger and AC Power Adapter
  • Turbo Charger must be used with our AC Adapter
  • Designed to charge batteries quickly and safely
  • Convenient LEDs indicate the charging status

Battery Charger For:

    Exakta 3000 Power Zoom,
    Exakta 760 Mini,
    Exakta 900 AF,
    Exakta Chico AF,
    Exakta Macro 115 AF,
    Exakta Super Zoom 1200 AF,
    Exakta Zoom 701 AF

    Ansco APSilon Zoom 250,
    Ansco Mini MPZ 1300 Power Zoom,
    Ansco MPZ,
    Ansco Silhouette Zoom,
    Ansco Silhouette Zoom AF

    Argus APS400
    Argus M Series
        M4000, M7500, M8500, M8500D

    Bell and Howell 960 NP
    Bell and Howell PZ Series
        PZ1000, PZ2000, PZ2200, PZ3000,
        PZ3000D, PZ3200, PZ3300

    Boots Mini Zoom

    Braun Trend Micro SM,
    Braun Trend Mini AF-P

    Braun Trend Zoom Series
        Trend Zoom 105, Trend Zoom 105 Quartz Date,
        Trend Zoom 70-F, Trend Zoom AP 360 IX Date,
        Trend Zoom S-110, Trend Zoom S-120,
        Trend Zoom S-135, Trend Zoom S-60,
        Trend Zoom S-70

    Canon 60 Zoom,
    Canon 70 Zoom,
    Canon ELPH Z3,
    Canon Zoom 70W,
    Canon A1 Date,
    Canon ES-1000,
    Canon M Date,
    Canon Rebel G ll 35-80,
    Canon Pocket Zoom 70M-AF AD
    Canon AutoBoy Series
        AutoBoy BF80, AutoBoy Luna,
        AutoBoy 155, AutoBoy A (Ace),
        AutoBoy A XL, AutoBoy D5,
        AutoBoy EPO, AutoBoy F,
        AutoBoy F XL, AutoBoy J(Jack),
        AutoBoy Juno, AutoBoy Juno 76,
        AutoBoy Luna 105, AutoBoy Luna 105 S,
        AutoBoy Luna 35, AutoBoy Luna 85,
        AutoBoy Luna XL, AutoBoy Mini J,
        AutoBoy Mini T (Tele), AutoBoy SII XL,
        AutoBoy S (Super), AutoBoy S XL

    Canon EOS Series
        EOS-30, EOS-3000N, EOS-30V Date New,
        EOS-33, EOS-33V New, EOS-500,
        EOS-500N, EOS-66, EOS-7, EOS-7S,
        EOS-88, EOS-IX, EOS-IX E, EOS-Kiss,
        EOS-Rebel G, EOS-Rebel X, EOS-Rebel XS,
        EOS-Rebel XS N Date, EOS 30, EOS 3000N,
        EOS 30V, EOS 33, EOS 33V,
        EOS 500, EOS 5000, EOS 500N,
        EOS 66, EOS 7, EOS 7S, EOS 88,
        EOS IX E, EOS Kiss, EOS Rebel G,
        EOS Rebel GII, EOS Rebel GII EF, EOS Rebel Gll 35-80,
        EOS Rebel X, EOS Rebel XS, EOS Rebel XS N

    Canon Prima Series
        Prima 5, Prima 5 Date, Prima AS-1,
        Prima AS-1 AllSport, Prima BF Twin,
        Prima Mini, Prima Mini ll, Prima Mini II, Prima Twin S Date,
        Prima Zoom 65, Prima Zoom 70F, Prima Zoom 76,
        Prima Zoom 85, Prima Zoom 85N, Prima Zoom Mini,
        Prima Zoom Mini Caption, Prima Zoom Shot, Prima Super 105,
        Prima Super 105X, Prima Super 115, Prima Super 115 Caption,
        Prima Super 115N, Prima Super 135, Prima Super 135 Caption,
        Prima Super 135N, Prima Super 155, Prima Super 155 Caption,
        Prima Super 155N, Prima Super 28, Prima Super 28 Caption,
        Prima Super 28N, Prima Super 28V, Prima Super 85,
        Prima Super 90 Caption, Prima Super 90 Wide, Prima Twin S
    Canon Super Prima Series
        Super Prima 105, Super Prima 105X,
        Super Prima 115, Super Prima 115 Caption,
        Super Prima 115N, Super Prima 135,
        Super Prima 135 Caption, Super Prima 135N,
        Super Prima 155, Super Prima 155 Caption,
        Super Prima 155N, Super Prima 28,
        Super Prima 28 Caption, Super Prima 28N,
        Super Prima 28V, Super Prima 85,
        Super Prima 90 Caption, Super Prima 90 Wide

    Canon Sure Shot Series
        Sure Shot 105, Sure Shot 105 Date, Sure Shot 105Z,
        Sure Shot 105 Zoom, Sure Shot 105 Zoom S, Sure Shot 60,
        Sure Shot 60 Zoom, Sure Shot 65 Zoom, Sure Shot 70 Zoom,
        Sure Shot 70 Zoom Date, Sure Shot 76 Zoom, Sure Shot 80,
        Sure Shot 80 Date, Sure Shot 80 Tele, Sure Shot 80 Zoom,
        Sure Shot 85, Sure Shot 85 Zoom, Sure Shot 85 Zoom Date,
        Sure Shot A1, Sure Shot A1 Panorama, Sure Shot A1 Panaorama Date,
        Sure Shot A1 Underwater, Sure Shot Caption, Sure Shot K,
        Sure Shot Look, Sure Shot Max, Sure Shot Max Date,
        Sure Shot Mini, Sure Shot Sleek, Sure Shot Sport,
        Sure Shot Tele Max, Sure Shot Tele Max Date, Sure Shot WP-1,
        Sure Shot Z115, Sure Shot Z115 Caption, Sure Shot Z135,
        Sure Shot Z150u, Sure Shot Z155, Sure Shot Z180u,
        Sure Shot Z70W, Sure Shot Z70W Caption, Sure Shot Z85,
        Sure Shot Z85 Caption, Sure Shot Z90W, Sure Shot Zoom Max,
        Sure Shot Zoom Max Caption, Sure Shot Zoom Max Date

    Canon Z Series
        Z115, Z115 Caption, Z135, Z70W

    Chinon Belami AF,
    Chinon ES-1000,
    Chinon Monami

    Chinon Auto Series
        Auto GL-AF, Auto GL-S
    Chinon Pocket Dual Series
        Pocket Dual-AFP, Pocket Dual-P,
        Pocket Dual Zoom, Pocket Dual Zoom 70M,
        Pocket Dual Zoom-AF, Pocket Dual Zoom AF

    C3000, EyeQ Go 2000, EyeQ Go LCD

    Contax T2,
    Contax T2 Date,
    Contax TVS,
    Contax TVS DataBack,
    Contax TVS II,
    Contax TVS III,
    Contax TW,
    Contax TW Date

    Edixa VZ 140

    Fuji 310 MRC,
    Fuji Big Viewfinder 50AF,
    Fuji FZ 2000,
    Fuji NEXA 320ixz,
    Fuji GS 617

    Fuji Discovery Series
        Discovery 1000, Discovery 1000 Zoom,
        Discovery 2000, Discovery 270 Zoom,
        Discovery 290, Discovery 290 Date,
        Discovery 312 Zoom, Discovery 320 Zoom,
        Discovery 320 Zoom Date, Discovery 400,
        Discovery 900 Zoom, Discovery Mini Zoom,
        Discovery Mini Zoom Date, Discovery S1050 Zoom,
        Discovery S1050 Zoom Date, Discovery S1200 Zoom,
        Discovery S1200 Zoom Date, Discovery S1450 Zoom,
        Discovery S1450 Zoom Date, Discovery S700 Zoom,
        Discovery S700 Zoom Date

    Fuji DL Series
        DL-1000 Zoom, DL-1000 Zoom Date,
        DL-200, DL-2000 Zoom, DL-270,
        DL-270 Zoom, DL-270 Zoom Super,
        DL-290, DL-290 Zoom, DL-290S Zoom,
        DL-312, DL-312 Zoom, DL-320 Zoom,
        DL-500 Wide, DL-500 Wide Date,
        DL-550, DL-550 Wide, DL-550 Wide Date
    Fuji Endeavor Series
        Endeavor 1000ix, Endeavor 250ix Zoom,
        Endeavor 260ix MRC, Endeavor 270ix MRC,
        Endeavor 300ix MRC, Endeavor 300ix Zoom,
        Endeavor 310ix MRC, Endeavor 4000ix SL,
        Endeavor 4000SL, Endeavor 400ix MRC,
        Endeavor 400ix Zoom

    Fuji FinePix Series
        FinePix S1 Pro, FinePix S2 Pro, FinePix S2 Pro SLR,
        FinePix S3 Pro

    Fuji Fotonex Series
        Fotonex 260IX, Fotonex 260IX Zoom MRC,
        Fotonex 265IX, Fotonex 265IX Zoom,
        Fotonex 270IX, Fotonex 300IX,
        Fotonex 300IX Zoom, Fotonex 300MX,
        Fotonex 310IX MRC, Fotonex 310IX Zoom,
        Fotonex 4000IX, Fotonex 4000IX SL,
        Fotonex 400 MRC, Fotonex 400SL
    Fuji GA Series
        GA645i, GA645Wi, GA 645 Zi, GA645Zi

    Fuji GX Series
        GX 645 Zi, GX 680 III, GX645Zi, GX680III

    Fuij Instax Series
        Instax 500, Instax Mini 10

    Fuji Super DL Series
        Super DL Mini, Super DL-Mini Zoom,
        Super DL Mini Zoom

    Fuji Zoom Date Series
        Zoom Date 100, Zoom Date 110EZ,
        Zoom Date 110 SR, Zoom Date 110SR,
        Zoom Date 115S, Zoom Date 115SR, 
        Zoom Date 115 Super, Zoom Date 120,
        Zoom Date 120V, Zoom Date 125EZ,
        Zoom Date 125 SR, Zoom Date 125SR,
        Zoom Date 125 Super, Zoom Date 135V,
        Zoom Date 140, Zoom Date 145,
        Zoom Date 160S, Zoom Date 60W,
        Zoom Date 70, Zoom Date 90,
        Zoom Date S1050, Zoom Date S1200,
        Zoom Date S1450

    Goko AZS-1150AF
    Goko Mac-10 Z3000

    Graflex Quantum Tele

    Haking Apsilon Zoom 250 AF,
    Haking HMA 2500,
    Haking Silhouette Zoom,
    Haking Silhouette Zoom AF,
    Haking Silhouette Zoom Vision AFW 28,
    Haking Vision AFW 28

    Haking ZMAE1400 Series,
    Haking ZMAE1600 Series,
    Haking ZMAE1700 Series,
    Haking ZMAE1300/LCD Series,
    Haking ZME1300/LCD Series
    Haking Vision Series

        Vision Mini MZ, Vision XAS Mini T,
        Vision XMS Mini T, Vision Zoom
    Haking ZM Series
        ZM-1300, ZM-3500

    Hanimex FD-7S

    Hasselblad H1,
    Hasselblad H1D,
    Hasselblad H2,
    Hasselblad H2D

    Horseman DigiFlex II

    Hyundai Hyper Zoom 120
    Hyundai Super Zoom 850

    Jazz Power Zoom 110

    Jenoptik JC Series
        JC 21, JC 22, JC 31, JC 33
        JC 34

    Kalimar Action Shot 16
    Kalimar Power Zoom 110

    Kinon Mini Cam 35

    Kodak DC 25,
    Kodak KE 60,
    Kodak DC25,
    Kodak KE60

    Kodak Advantix Series
        Advantix 4100 IX, Advantix 4100 IX Zoom,
        Advantix 4700 IX, Advantix 4700 IX Zoom,
        Advantix 4800 IX, Advantix 4800 IX Zoom,
        Advantix C650 Zoom, Advantix C700 Zoom,
        Advantix C750, Advantix C800, Advantix F600,
        Advantix F600 Zoom, Advantix Film, Advantix Preview
    Kodak Cameo Series
        Cameo 880, Cameo AF, Cameo AFM
        Cameo Sharp Focus, Cameo Zoom
        Cameo Zoom Plus
    Kodak KD Series 
        KD 40, KD 45, KD 60, KD 65,
        KD 70, KD 75, KD40, KD45,
        KD60, KD65, KD70, KD75,

    Kodak Star Series
        Star 1035Z, Star 1035ZD, Star 105ZD,
        Star 1075Z, Star 935, Star Zoom 105,
        Star Zoom 105 QD

    Konica 110VP,
    Konica 150VP, 
    Konica Jump Auto,
    Konica Jump Shot,
    Konica Pop Super,
    Konica Super Pop Compact,
    Konica Super Z-up Date,
    Konica Tops
    Konica A4 Series
        Konica A4, Konica A4 Auto Date 

    Konica Big Mini Series
        Big Mini, Big Mini 20,
        Big Mini 311Z Auto Date,
        Big Mini BM201, Big Mini BM302,
        Big Mini BM302 Auto Date,
        Big Mini BM311Z, Big Mini BM701,
        Big Mini BM701 VX, Big Mini F,
        Big Mini HG, Big Mini Junior,
        Big Mini S100, Big Mini S630Z,
        Big Mini S70, Big Mini SR100,
        Big Mini VX BM701, Big Mini Zoom 510

    Konica EU Mini Series
        EU Mini, EU Mini AF

    Konica MT Series
        MT10, MT100, MT100 Auto Date

    Konica Tops Series
        Tops AF300, Tops AF300 Auto Date
    Konica U-Mini Series
        U-Mini AF

    Konica Z-up Series
        Z-up 100, Z-up 110, Z-up 110 Super,
        Z-up 110VP, Z-up 118, Z-up 118 Super,
        Z-up 120VP, Z-up 135, Z-up 135 Super,
        Z-up 140, Z-up 140 Super, Z-up 150 ,
        Z-up 150VP, Z-up 70 Super, Z-up 70VP

    Konica Minolta Zoom 160C Date,
    Konica Minolta a-7,
    Konica Minolta  a-7 Digital

    Kyocera Contax TVSLLL,
    Kyocera 150EF,
    Kyocera 165EF,
    Kyocera AF35 Mini,
    kyocera ProfileZoom 4000IX,
    Kyocera T4 Zoom,
    Kyocera T zoom
    Kyocera Acclaim Series
        Acclaim 300, Acclaim 4000,
        Acclaim Zoom 300
    Kyocera Zoomate Series
        Zoomate 105SE, Zoomate 110W,
        Zoomate 120SE, Zoomate 140GRF,
        Zoomate 150eEF, Zoomate 165EF

    Kyocera/Yashica Contax TVS

    Kyocera/Yashica Zoomate Series
        Zoomate 110w, Zoomate 115GRF,
        Zoomate 120SE, Zoomate 140GRF,
        Zoomate 165SE

    Leica Minox CD 112,
    Leica R,
    Leica R9 Motor Winder,
    Leica Z2X

   Leica C Series
        C1, C1 Zoom Date, C3, CM

    Leica Mini Series
        Mini 3, Mini II, Mini III,
        Minilux, Minilux QD, Mini Zoom,
        Minilux Zoom

    Maginon Mini AF

    Minolta Action Zoom 90
    Minolta FZ160C
    Minolta TC1
    Minolta AF Series
        AF Zoom 35mm, AF Zoom 80mm

    Minolta Capios Series
        Capios 115S, Capios 125S, Capios 130S,
        Capios 140A, Capios 150S, Capios 160A,
        Capios 70W, Capios 75W

    Minolta Dynax Series
        Dynax 7, Dynax 9

    Minolta Freedom Series
        Freedom 140EX, Freedom Action Zoom,
        Freedom Action Zoom 90, Freedom Escort,
        Freedom Family Zoom II, Freedom Sightseer,
        Freedom Sightseer Zoom, Freedom Supreme EX,
        Freedom TC 1, Freedom Vista
    Minolta Freedom Zoom Series
        Freedom Zoom, Freedom Zoom 115, Freedom Zoom 130S,
        Freedom Zoom 140A, Freedom Zoom 150,
        Freedom Zoom 160A, Freedom Zoom 70,
        Freedom Zoom Explorer, Freedom Zoom Explorer 1,
        Freedom Zoom Explorer EX, Freedom Zoom Supreme,
        Orion Freedom Zoom

    Minolta Maxxum Series
        Maxxum 4, Maxxum 7, Maxxum 9,
        Maxxum 9Ti

    Minolta Riva Series
        Riva 125EX, Riva 135EX, Riva 140EX,
        Riva Mini, Riva Minim, Riva Panorama

    Minolta Riva Zoom Series
        Riva Zoom 105EX, Riva Zoom 115, Riva Zoom 125,
        Riva Zoom 125EX, Riva Zoom 130, Riva Zoom 140, 
        Riva Zoom 150, Riva Zoom 160, Riva Zoom 28,
        Riva Zoom 70, Riva Zoom 70EX, Riva Zoom 70W,
        Riva Zoom 75W, Riva Zoom 90, Riva Zoom 90C,
        Riva Zoom Pico

    Minolta Zoom Series
        Zoom 110 Date, Zoom 130c Date,
        Zoom 160 Date, Zoom 70EX

    Minox AF Mini

    Minox CD Series
        CD 112, CD 128, CD 140, CD 150,
        CD 155, CD 70

    Minox NV Series
        NV300(Night Vision), NV350(Night Vision),
        NV400(Night Vision)

    Nikon 28Ti,
    Nikon 35Ti,
    Nikon AF600,
    Nikon Pronea 600i,
    Nikon RF 2D,
    Nikon Fun Touch 5

    Nikon F Series
        F100(only MS-13), F6, F60D,
        F70, F70D, F80, F90X
    Nikon FD Series
        FD-7S, FD 80D, FD 80S

    Nikon N Series
        N70, N80, N80QD, N90s

    Nikon Lite Touch Series
        Lite Touch, Lite Touch 110s,
        Lite Touch 130 ED QD, Lite Touch 140 ED QD,
        Lite Touch 150 ED QD, Lite Touch 150 QD,
        Lite Touch Zoom, Lite Touch Zoom 105,
        Lite Touch Zoom 110, Lite Touch zoom 110s,
        Lite Touch Zoom 110s QD, Lite Touch Zoom 120 EO,
        Lite Touch Zoom 120 QD, Lite Touch Zoom 130 ED,
        Lite Touch Zoom 130 QD, Lite Touch Zoom 140 ED,
        Lite Touch Zoom 140 ED QD, Lite Touch Zoom 140 QD, 
        Lite Touch Zoom 150 ED, Lite Touch Zoom 150 ED QD,
        Lite Touch Zoom 70s, Lite Touch Zoom 70Ws,
        Lite Touch Zoom 80, Lite Touch Zoom 80 QD
    Nikon Mini Zoom Series
        Mini Zoom 105, Mini Zoom 400, Mini Zoom 600

    Nikon Zoom Series
        Zoom 110, Zoom 130C, zoom 150C,
        Zoom 160, Zoom 160C, Zoom 200,
        Zoom 300, Zoom 400, Zoom 600 QD,
        Zoom 60W, Zoom 600, Zoom 700VR,
        Zoom 800, Zoom 800QD, Zoom 85,
        Zoom Touch 105-VRQD, Zoom Touch 8000

    Olympus AM-100,
    Olympus C3000,
    Olympus L5,
    Olympus OZ130,
    Olympus QM-4T,
    Olympus Stylus Select 105,
    Olympus U-Mini,
    Olympus View Zoom 80,
    Olympus View Zoom 120,
    Olympus XB QD
    Olympus Accura Zoom Series 
        Accura Zoom 105, Accura Zoom 120,
        Accura Zoom 130s, Accura Zoom 130s QD,
        Accura Zoom 80s, Accura Zoom 90

    Olympus Accura View Zoom
        Accura View Zoom 120 QD, Accura View Zoom 90 QD

    Olympus AF Series
        AF-10 Super, AF-10 Twin, AF-10XB,
        AF-1 Twin

    Olympus AZ Series
        AZ-200, AZ-210, AZ-220, AZ-300,
        AZ-330, AZ-4

    Olympus Centurion Series
        Centurion, Centurion S

    Olympus Infinity Series
        Infinity 105QD, Infinity 210 Panorama,
        Infinity 220 Panorama, Infinity 80 QD,
        Infinity Stylur Epic, Infinity Twin,
        Infinity XB, Infinity Zoom 105 QD,
        Infinity Zoom 200, Infinity Zoom 210,
        Infinity Zoom 230, Infinity Zoom 80QD

    Olympus IS Series
        IS-1, IS-2, IS-3, IS-3DLX, IS-5, IS-10,
        IS-10DLX, IX-20DLX, IS-20QD, IS-30 AF,
        IS-30 DLX, IS-50QD, IS-100, IS-200, 
        IS-300, IS-500, IS-1000, IS-2000, 
        IS-3000, IS-5000, IS-5000QD, IS-DLX

    Olympus LT Series
        LT 1, LT 105, LT-105, LT Zoom 105, LT Zoom 105QD

    Olympus MJU Series
        MJU 1, MJU 2, MJU III 120, MJU III 150,
        MJU III 80, MJU Panorama, MJU Zoom 105,
        MJU Zoom 115, MJU Zoom 140, MJU Zoom 140VF,
        MJU Zoom 170, MJU Zoom 70, MJU Zoom 80,
        MJU Zoom Wide 80

    Olympus Stylus Series
        Stylus 100 Wide, Stylus 105, Stylus 105Z,
        Stylus 120, Stylus 120QD, Stylus 120Z
    Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom Series
        Stylus Epic, Stylus Epic Zoom 115 QD, Stylus Zoom 140,
        Stylus Epic Zoom 170, Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD,
        Stylus Epic Zoom 80
    Olympus Stylus Infinity Series
        Stylus Infinity 70Q

    Olympus Stylus Infinity Zoom Series
        Stylus Infinity Zoom, Stylus Infinity Zoom 115,
        Stylus Infinity Zoom 140
    Olympus Stylus Zoom Series
        Stylus Zoom 105, Stylus Zoom 115VF

    Olympus Super AZ Series
        Super AZ-100 Zoom, Super AZ-110 Zoom,
        Super AZ-210 Zoom, Super AZ-230 Zoom,
        Super AZ-300 Zoom

    Olympus Super Infinity Zoom Series
        Super Infinity Zoom 105, Super Infinity Zoom 110,
        Super Infinity Zoom 120, Super Infinity Zoom 2800,
        Super Infinity Zoom 300, Super Infinity Zoom 3000,
        Super Infinity Zoom 330, Super Infinity Zoom 3500

    Olympus Super Zoom Series
        Super Zoom 105, Super Zoom 105G, Super Zoom 110,
        Super Zoom 115, Super Zoom 120, Super Zoom 120 SF, 
        Super Zoom 130S, Super Zoom 140S, Super Zoom 2800,
        Super Zoom 3500, Super Zoom 70G, Super Zoom 80G,
        Super Zoom 80 Wide

    Olympus Trip Series
        Trip AF Mini, Trip AF Mini II, Trip MD2

    Olympus u Series 
        u-1, u-2, u-II, u-II 115VF,
        u-II 170VF, u-II 80VF, u-III 120,
        u-III 135, u-III 150, u-III 150 QD,
        u-III 170, u-III 80, u-III wide 100,
        u-III Wide 100 QD, u-III Wide 80, u-II Limited,
        u-II Zoom, u-II Zoom 80 Panorama, u-II Zoom VF,
        u-Panorama, u-Zoom 105, u-Zoom 105 Deluxe(L),
        u-Zoom 115, u-Zoom 115 Deluxe, u-Zoom 130,
        u-Zoom 140, u-Zoom 140VF, u-Zoom 170,
        u-Zoom 70, u-Zoom 80, u-Zoom Wide 80,
        u-Zoom Wide 80 Deluxe

Replacement for PANASONIC
    Panasonic Common Photo (Camera)Model

    Panasonic C Series
        C-2200ZM, C-220 ZM, C-220ZM,
        C-2300ZM, C-525AF, C-625AF,
        C-D2300ZM, C-D340EF, C-D525AF

    Pentax 67 II,
    Pentax K100D,
    Pentax K110D,
    Pentax Super Zoom 105 Date,
    Pentax UC-1,
    Pentax VC-1

    Pentax Espio Series
        Espio 105G, Espio 105WR, Espio 110,
        Espio 120, Espio 120Mi, Espio 120SW II,
        Espio 123M, Espio 140M, Espio 140V,
        Espio 145M, Espio 160, Espio 200,
        Espio 70, Espio 738, Espio 738G,
        Espio 80V, Espio 838, Espio 838G,
        Espio 928, Espio Date, Espio JR,
        Espio Mini, Espio W
    Pentax IQ Zoom Series
        IQ Zoom 105, IQ Zoom 105G, IQ Zoom 105R,
        IQ Zoom 105-SR, IQ Zoom 105-WR, IQ Zoom 105WR,
        IQ Zoom 110, IQ Zoom 115, IQ Zoom 115M, 
        IQ Zoom 115S, IQ Zoom 115V, IQ Zoom 120, 
        IQ Zoom 135M, IQ Zoom 140, IQ Zoom 140M, 
        IQ Zoom 145M, IQ Zoom 145 Msuper, IQ Zoom 160, 
        IQ Zoom 200, IQ Zoom 280P, IQ Zoom 28W, 
        IQ Zoom 60R, IQ Zoom 60S, IQ Zoom 60X, 
        IQ Zoom 70R, IQ Zoom 70R Date, IQ Zoom 70X,
        IQ Zoom 70XL, IQ Zoom 70Z, IQ Zoom 735,
        IQ Zoom 80E, IQ Zoom 80G, IQ Zoom 80S, 
        IQ Zoom 835, IQ Zoom 835D, IQ Zoom 90, 
        IQ Zoom 900, IQ Zoom 90WR, IQ Zoom 928, 
        IQ Zoom 928M, IQ Zoom 928M Date, IQ Zoom 95S,
        IQ Zoom 95WR, IQ Zoom EZY, IQ Zoom EZY-80, 
        IQ Zoom EZY-R, IQ Zoom EZY-S, IQ Zoom MZ-6, 
        IQ Zoom XL Date

    Pentax Zoom Series
        Zoom 105R, Zoom 105R Date, Zoom 280P,
        Zoom 280P Date, Zoom 60X, Zoom 70X Date,
        Zoom 70Z, Zoom 90, Zoom 90 Date,
        Zoom 90WR, Zoom 90WR Date

    Platon Express 35

    Polaroid 8500Z 
    Polaroid PZ Series
        PZ1800, PZ2180AF, PZ3000AFD, PZ3300AFD

    Praktica 1200AF Zoom,
    Praktica Zoom 700AF

    Praktica Sport Series
        Sport P35AF Micro, Sport SA90 Nova Zoom

    Praktica Super Zoom Series
        Super Zoom 1250AF, Super Zoom 140AF,
        Super Zoom 1450AF, Super Zoom 70AF,
        Super Zoom 800AF

    Premier M Series
        M1000D, M101, M101D, M102, M102D,
        M2001, M3001, M301, M301D, M501,
        M501D, M5801, M6000D, M8500, M9000

    Prymax Zoom 7000

    Psion MX

    Ricoh 130Z,
    Ricoh 4F20S,
    Ricoh AF7Z,
    Ricoh Easy II,
    Ricoh Giro 140,
    Ricoh GR10,
    Ricoh Mirai 105,
    Ricoh Petite Zoom D,
    Ricoh RX-700,
    Ricoh Super Shot AF D 

    Ricoh FF Series
        FF10D Zoom, FF-10 Zoom, FF10 Zoom,
        FF-10D Zoom, FF20, FF-20, FF-20L-20,
        FF20 Wide Zoom, FF-20 Wide Zoom,
        FF-300D, FF-8NR, FF8WR, FF-8WR,

    Ricoh Master Shot Series
        Master Shot 110, Master Shot 130,
        Master Shot 130 Super, Master Shot 130-Z,
        Master Shot AF, Master Shot AFD,
        Master Shot AFII, Master Shot AFP,
        Master Shot AFPD, Master Shot FF20 Super,
        Master Shot TRU-Zoom, Master Shot Ultra Dual,
        Master Shot Ultra Zoom, Master Shot Ultra Zoom D,
        Master Shot Ultra Zoom II, Master Shot Ultra Zoom Super,
        Master Shot Zoom 70, Master Shot Zoom 70D

    Ricoh Myport Series
        Myport 330 Super, Myport 330 Zoom

    Ricoh Prego Series
        Prego 115, Prego 115 AF, Prego 125,
        Prego 140, Prego 145 AF, Prego 70 Zoom Date,
        Prego 90, Prego 90 AF, Prego Xenar AF,
        Prego Zoom 115 Date, Prego Zoom AF

    Ricoh R Series
        R-EX120Z, R-EX70Z, R-EX105Z

    Ricoh RZ Series
        RZ-105, RZ 105 Date, RZ 105 Zoom, 
        RZ-105 Zoom, RZ-1050, RZ-115,
        RZ-125, RZ-140, RZ-3000,
        RZ 700, RZ-700, RZ 770,
        RZ-770, RZ-900, RZ 900 Date

    Ricoh YF Series
        YF-20D, YF-20 Super

    Ricoh Zoom Series
        Zoom Super, Zoom X115, Zoom X70

    Rollei Giro 140

    Rollei Prego Series
        Prego 115, Prego 115 AF, Prego 125,
        Prego 140, Prego 145 AF, Prego 70 Zoom Date,
        Prego 90, Prego 90 AF, Prego Xenar AF,
        Prego Zoom 115 Date, Prego Zoom AF,
        Prego Zoom X115, Prego Zoom X70

    Samsung Alpha Zoom QD,
    Samsung Super Fino 170 QD,
    Samsung Zoom 290WS

    Samsung 480R Series   
        480R, 480R QD

    Samsung AF Series
        AF 1050, AF 1050QD, AF 1050 QD,
        AF 40 Mini, AF 4000, AF 4000QD,
        AF 4000 QD, AF 440, AF 440QD,
        AF 440 QD, AF 480R, AF 480RQD,
        AF 480R QD,

    Samsung AF Mini Series
        AF Mini, AF Mini Data, AF Mini R

    Samsung AF Mini Zoom Series
        AF Mini Zoom, AF Mini Zoom 105

    Samsung AF Slim Series
        AF Slim, AF Slim Dual, AF Slim R,
        AF Slim R QD

    Samsung AF Slim Zoom Series
        AF Slim Zoom, AF Slim Zoom QD, AF Zoom 1050,
        AF Zoom 1050 QD, AF Zoom 2CX1, AF Zoom 70 QD,
        AF Zoom 800

    Samsung ECZ Series
        ECX, ECX1, ECX-1 QD

    Samsung Elite Maxima Series
        Elite Maxima 120, Elite Maxima 140,
        Elite Maxima 170

    Samsung Evoca Series
        Evoca 140 Neo, Evoca 140S, Evoca 170 Neo,
        Evoca 170SE, Evoca 170 SE, Evoca 70S,
        Evoca 80S, Evoca Zoom 115

    Samsung Fino Series
        Fino 105, Fino 105S, Fino 115, Fino 115S,
        Fino 140S, Fino 145, Fino 170, Fino 170 Super,
        Fino 35S, Fino 40, Fino 45, Fino 70S

    Samsung Maxima Series
        Maxima 105, Maxima 125, Maxima 1350 TiQD,
        Maxima 140S, Maxima 140Ti, Maxima 170Ti,
        Maxima 33S, Maxima 40R, Maxima 40R QD,
        Maxima 70S, Maxima 760i, Maxima 80i QD,
        Maxima 900, Maxima 905, Maxima ZM Aplha QD,
        Maxima Zoom 105XL, Maxima Zoom 130G,
        Maxima Zoom 150GL QD, Maxima Zoom 80i,
        Maxima Zoom 90i QD

    Samsung Mini Series
        Mini R, Mini Zoom, Mini Zoom 7X QD

    Samsung Rocas Series
        Rocas 100, Rocas 200

    Samsung Slim Series
        Slim Dual QD, Slim R, Slim RQD, Slim R QD,
        Slim Zoom 115S, Slim Zoom 125S, Slim Zoom 130S,
        Slim Zoom 140S, Slim Zoom QD

    Samsung Vega Series
        Vega 1400, Vega 140S, Vega 170,
        Vega 170QD, Vega 170 QD, Vega 290W

    Sigma Mini Zoom 105
    Sigma SD9

    Snyang Super 90D

    Soligor AF 40 Mini,
    Soligor AF Mini Data,
    Soligor APS Zoom Camera AZ-360A,
    Soligor Motor Zoom Camera AF-72PZ

    Sony HVLFSL1A

    Vivitar Series 1 Pocket 35,
    Vivitar VP7000,
    Vivitar WZ-28,
    Vivitar ZX360D

    Vivitar Series
        280PZ, 350PZ, 356PZ, 357PZ, 370Z,
        440PZ, 470PZ, 480PZ, 490Z, 500PZ,
        520MZ, 530PZ, 535PZ, 540MZ

    Vivitar AF Series
        AF1000, AF450

    Vivitar PS Series
        PS600, PS650, PS700, PS90, PS99
    Vivitar PX Series

    Vivitar PZ Series
        PZ3070, PZ3090 DB, PZ3115, PZ3120,
        PZ3125, PZ3140, PZ7000, PZ8000

    Vivitar ZM Series
        ZM100, ZM70, ZM80, ZM90, ZM95DB

    Voigtlander Brilliant 2xZoom

    Voigtlander Vito Series
        Vito 700, Vito C-AF, Vito II 28-70

    Voigtlander Vitomatic Series
        Vitomatic 105, Vitomatic 115,
        Vitomatic 140, Vitomatic 70

    Yashica Electro 35,
    Yashica Imagination Micro AF,
    Yashica Mini Data Back,
    Yashica MiniTec Super,
    Yashica MiniTec Zoom 70,
    Yashica Profile Acclaim 4000ix,
    Yashica Profile Zoom 4000,
    Yashica Super MiniTec Data Back,
    Yashica Super T4 Weather Proof,
    Yashica Zoom 300

    Yashica Acclaim Series
        Acclaim 300, Acclaim 4000,
        Acclaim Zoom 300
    Yashica AF Series
        AF 35 Mini, AF Mini, AF Mini Data Back

    Yashica Contax Series
        Contax T2, Contax TVS,
        Contax TVS III

    Yashica EZ Series
        EZ View AF, EZ Zoom 70
    Yashica Micro Series
        Micro Finesse, Micro Tec 90,
        Micro Tec Zoom, Micro Tec Zoom 70
    Yashica T Series
        T4, T4D, T5

    Yashica Twintac Series
        Twintec Zoomate 115, Twintec Zoomate 140,
        Twintec Zoomate 165EF

    Yashica Zoomate Series
        Zoomate 110W, Zoomate 120SE, Zoomate 140GRF
    Yashica Zoomtec Series
        ZoomTec Mini, ZoomTec Mini Data Back

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