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Battery Charger for HITACHI VM-BP82, VM-BP82A, VM-BP82G, VM-BP83, VM-BP83A, VM-BP84, VM-BP84A
Battery Charger for HITACHI VM-BP82, VM-BP82A, VM-BP82G, VM-BP83, VM-BP83A, VM-BP84, VM-BP84A
VAT included!
See delivery charge

Product Information
Product ID: CHM005SE
Compatible Part Numbers:
VM-BP82, VM-BP82A, VM-BP82G, VM-BP83, VM-BP83A, VM-BP84, VM-BP84A

Compatible Charger Part Numbers:
Voltage: 230V AC (Input), 12V-1A (Output)
Dimension: 106.50 x 69.00 x 37.00 mm
Weight: 425.00 g
Inventory: Available

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model, part number and dimension (mentioned above) of your device.
Als deutsche Niederlassung eines großen Akkuherstellers verkaufen wir Ihnen absolute Neuware direkt aus unserem Werk in China.
Merkmale unserer Ladegerät:
- geeignet für Ni-Cd / Ni-MH / Li-Ion Werkzeug Akkus
- kompaktes Design
- austauschbare Ladeschale
- Dual USB Ausgang
- LED-Ladeanzeige
Product Description:   
Nutzen Sie bitte die Tastenkombination [Strg+F], um auf der Seite die passenden
 Teilnummern/Modellnummern einfach zu suchen.
  • Package includes High Performance Turbo Charger, AC Power Adapter and 12.00V Car Cord
  • Turbo Charger must be used with our AC Adapter or our Car Cord
  • Designed to charge batteries quickly and safely
  • Convenient LEDs indicate the charging status

Battery Charger For:

    Hitachi VEEA6,
    Hitachi VM-D64

    Hitachi VM Series
        VM-100, VM-2000A, VM-200A,
        VM-2100A, VM-210E, VM-3000A,
        VM-3150, VM-3150A, VM-5000,
        VM-500E, VM-5100A, VM-6000A,

    Hitachi VM-E Series
        VM-E10, VM-E10A, VM-E10E, VM-E110A,
        VM-E120E, VM-E130A, VM-E15, VM-E15A,
        VM-E15E, VM-E16E, VM-E18A, VM-E21,
        VM-E210E, VM-E21E, VM-E22, VM-E220A,
        VM-E220E, VM-E228E, VM-E22A, VM-E22E,
        VM-E23, VM-E230A, VM-E230E, VM-E23A,
        VM-E23E, VM-E25, VM-E25A, VM-E25E,
        VM-E26, VM-E27, VM-E29, VM-E29E,
        VM-E2AA, VM-E31, VM-E310, VM-E310A,
        VM-E310E, VM-E31E, VM-E38, VM-E410A,
        VM-E410E, VM-E420, VM-E420E, VM-E44,
        VM-E510, VM-E510A, VM-E520A, VM-E521A,
        VM-E521AC, VM-E52A, VM-E53, VM-E535E,
        VM-E53A, VM-E53E, VM-E54A, VM-E54E,
        VM-E55A, VM-E56A, VM-E57A, VM-E57E,
        VM-E58A, VM-E620A, VM-E625LA, VM-E710A,
        VM-E71A, VM-E8, VM-E81A, VM-E8E

    Hitachi VM-H Series

        VM-H10, VM-H100, VM-H1000, VM-H18,
        VM-H184, VM-H18A, VM-H18E, VM-H25E,
        VM-H37, VM-H37E, VM-H38, VM-H3875,
        VM-H38A, VM-H38E, VM-H39, VM-H39A,
        VM-H39E, VM-H510E, VM-H520, VM-H520E,
        VM-H53E, VM-H57, VM-H57A, VM-H57E,
        VM-H58, VM-H58E, VM-H59A, VM-H59E,
        VM-H610E, VM-H620A, VM-H620E, VM-H625,
        VM-H710, VM-H710A, VM-H710E, VM-H720,
        VM-H720A, VM-H725A, VM-H725LA, VM-H725U,
        VM-H825, VM-H825LA

    Hitachi VM-SP Series
        VM-SP1, VM-SP1A, VM-SP1E

    Sharp VL-HX-10U,
    Sharp VL-S6

    Sharp VL-E Series
        VL-E30, VL-E30C, VL-E30S, VL-E30U, VL-E31,
        VL-E31S, VL-E32U, VL-E35U, VL-E36C,
        VL-E36U, VL-E40, VL-E400U, VL-E40C,
        VL-E40S, VL-E40U, VL-E41, VL-E41S

    Sharp VL-H Series
        VL-H400, VL-H400C, VL-H400S, VL-H400U

    Sharp VL-HL Series
        VL-HL-1, VL-HL-100U, VL-HL-3, VL-HL2

    Sharp VL-M Series
        VL-M4X, VL-M6C(GY), VL-M6U(GY),

    Sharp VL-MX Series
        VL-MX7, VL-MX7C(GY), VL-MX7C(SL),
        VL-MX7U(GY), VL-MX7U(SL)

    Sharp VL-N Series
        VL-N1, VL-N1C, VL-N1H,
        VL-N1S, VL-N1U, VL-N1X

    Sony XV-M30,
    Sony XV-MH30

    Sony CCD Series
        CCD-20061, CCD-335E, CCD-35, CCD-366BR,
        CCD-380, CCD-390, CCD-400, CCD-50E,
        CCD-550, CCD-850, CCD-EB55, CCD-F1330,
        CCD-F150, CCD-F201, CCD-F250, CCD-F280,
        CCD-F288BR, CCD-F30, CCD-F300, CCD-F301,
        CCD-F302, CCD-F31, CCD-F32, CCD-F33,
        CCD-F330, CCD-F335, CCD-F34, CCD-F340,
        CCD-F35, CCD-F350, CCD-F350E, CCD-F355E,
        CCD-F36, CCD-F360, CCD-F365, CCD-F370E,
        CCD-F375E, CCD-F38, CCD-F380, CCD-F385,
        CCD-F385E, CCD-F388BR, CCD-F390, CCD-F390E,
        CCD-F40, CCD-F401, CCD-F402, CCD-F45,
        CCD-F450, CCD-F450E, CCD-F455E, CCD-F46,
        CCD-F475, CCD-F50, CCD-F500, CCD-F500E,
        CCD-F501, CCD-F55, CCD-F550, CCD-F550E,
        CCD-F555, CCD-F555E, CCD-F56, CCD-F57,
        CCD-F70, CCD-F701, CCD-F72, CCD-F73,
        CCD-F75, CCD-F77, CCD-F900, CCD-FPKTRV8,
        CCD-FTR45, CCD-FTR55, CCD-FTR65, CCD-FTR75,
        CCD-FV01, CCD-FX200E, CCD-FX210, CCD-FX230,
        CCD-FX240, CCD-FX280E, CCD-FX3, CCD-FX300,
        CCD-FX300E, CCD-FX310, CCD-FX311, CCD-FX320,
        CCD-FX330, CCD-FX340, CCD-FX400, CCD-FX400E,
        CCD-FX410, CCD-FX411, CCD-FX420, CCD-FX425,
        CCD-FX430, CCD-FX435, CCD-FX470, CCD-FX500,
        CCD-FX510, CCD-FX510E, CCD-FX511, CCD-FX520,
        CCD-FX525, CCD-FX530, CCD-FX600, CCD-FX620,
        CCD-FX630, CCD-FX640, CCD-FX700, CCD-FX700E,
        CCD-FX710, CCD-FX720, CCD-FX730, CCD-FX730V,
        CCD-FX810, CCD-FX830VE, CCD-G100ST, CCD-GV200,
        CCD-GV300, CCD-M7, CCD-M77, CCD-M7U,
        CCD-M7V, CCD-SC6E, CCD-SC8E, CCD-SP5,
        CCD-SP54, CCD-SP5G, CCD-SP5Y, CCD-SP7,
        CCD-SP9, CCD-TR100, CCD-TR101, CCD-TR105,
        CCD-TR105E, CCD-TR150, CCD-TR2000, CCD-TR202,
        CCD-TR202E, CCD-TR21, CCD-TR23, CCD-TR250E,
        CCD-TR28, CCD-TR30, CCD-TR303, CCD-TR305,
        CCD-TR305E, CCD-TR30S, CCD-TR31, CCD-TR323,
        CCD-TR323E, CCD-TR33, CCD-TR330, CCD-TR330E,
        CCD-TR333, CCD-TR333E, CCD-TR353E, CCD-TR36,
        CCD-TR380E, CCD-TR385E, CCD-TR340E, CCD-TR4, CCD-TR40,
        CCD-TR400, CCD-TR403, CCD-TR420, CCD-TR420E,
        CCD-TR44, CCD-TR440, CCD-TR440E, CCD-TR450,
        CCD-TR45E, CCD-TR45WH, CCD-TR490E, CCD-TR5,
        CCD-TR50, CCD-TR501E, CCD-TR502E, CCD-TR503E,
        CCD-TR505, CCD-TR505K, CCD-TR506, CCD-TR506E,
        CCD-TR507, CCD-TR50E, CCD-TR51, CCD-TR514, CCD-TR520E,
        CCD-TR530, CCD-TR54, CCD-TR55, CCD-TR550,
        CCD-TR55E, CCD-TR580E, CCD-TR590E, CCD-TR6,
        CCD-TR60, CCD-TR600, CCD-TR606E, CCD-TR60E,
        CCD-TR61, CCD-TR614, CCD-TR620E, CCD-TR64,
        CCD-TR65, CCD-TR66, CCD-TR7, CCD-TR70,
        CCD-TR700, CCD-TR705, CCD-TR705E, CCD-TR707,
        CCD-TR707E, CCD-TR70E, CCD-TR71, CCD-TR714,
        CCD-TR72, CCD-TR720E, CCD-TR73, CCD-TR74,
        CCD-TR740E, CCD-TR75, CCD-TR750, CCD-TR750E,
        CCD-TR75BR, CCD-TR75E, CCD-TR78, CCD-TR8,
        CCD-TR805, CCD-TR805E, CCD-TR808, CCD-TR81,
        CCD-TR814, CCD-TR82, CCD-TR83, CCD-TR84,
        CCD-TR86, CCD-TR88, CCD-TR880, CCD-TR880E,
        CCD-TR9, CCD-TR900, CCD-TR91, CCD-TR916,
        CCD-TR93, CCD-TR94, CCD-TR96, CCD-TR98,
        CCD-TR99, CCD-TRV10, CCD-TRV100, CCD-TRV10E,
        CCD-TRV11, CCD-TRV112, CCD-TRV119, CCD-TRV11E,
        CCD-TRV12, CCD-TRV14E, CCD-TRV19, CCD-TRV21,
        CCD-TRV211, CCD-TRV212, CCD-TRV21E, CCD-TRV22,
        CCD-TRV24E, CCD-TRV29, CCD-TRV30, CCD-TRV30E,
        CCD-TRV31, CCD-TRV312, CCD-TRV32, CCD-TRV33,
        CCD-TRV34, CCD-TRV40, CCD-TRV44, CCD-TRV44E,
        CCD-TRV512, CCD-TRV52, CCD-TRV53, CCD-TRV60,
        CCD-TRV70, CCD-TRV73, CCD-V101, CCD-V11,
        CCD-V2006i, CCD-V22, CCD-V301, CCD-V330E,
        CCD-V340E, CCD-V4, CCD-V401, CCD-V4330E,
        CCD-V500, CCD-V5000, CCD-V5000E, CCD-V55,
        CCD-V550, CCD-V600, CCD-V6000, CCD-V600E,
        CCD-V601, CCD-V700, CCD-V700E, CCD-V701,
        CCD-V800, CCD-V800E, CCD-V801, CCD-V88,
        CCD-V88E, CCD-V9, CCD-V900, CCD-V900E,
        CCD-V90E, CCD-V95E, CCD-V99, CCD-V9E,
        CCD-VX1, CCD-VX3

    Sony EVC Series
        EVC-9100, EVC-X7

    Sony GV Series
        GV-5K, GV-8, GV-9, GV-9E,

    Sony MVC Series
        MVC-2000, MVC-5000

** The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners.
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VAT included!
See delivery charge

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